This is a simple static site to replace my former site, with links to some of my online presence.

jalb.fr shows some of my photographs.

Current photographs are on Instagram.

Old photographs are on Flickr: flickr.com/photos/jalb.

The Munching Squares JavaScript hack I wrote way back is still here.

The digital versions of the prints for the exhibit at Sup de Pub “Sur le passage de quelques artistes à travers un assez petit nombre d’années autour du bassin de la Villette” are here

The “V.I.P. 2 me” photography project is at vip2me.fr.

The “I <3 LOVE” photography project is at ilovelove.info

The “Mon Expo en Vitrine” blog is at monexpoenvitrine.com

Néoparents is archived on the Wayback Machine: neoparents.org minus the images, apparently.

Jean-Alain Le Borgne